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Contact Lens Office Policy

What are contact lens professional fees for?

As a contact lens wearer additional tests are necessary to make sure your eyes are healthy, that your lenses fit properly and to ensure that you are seeing as well as possible. Contact lens professional fees are for the extra testing and time taken by the doctor and staff each year to properly evaluate your contact lenses.

What types of additional tests are needed?

The doctor uses a microscope to examine the fit of the contact lenses and the health of the cornea and prescription measurements are done which are different than those for your eyeglasses. Corneal Topography is another example of a test your doctor can do during your contact lens fitting. With this computerized data we can detect any undesirable changes of the cornea caused by wearing contact lenses. The contact lens fitting also includes, training for insertion and removal and fit and follow up care.

Isn’t this part of my annual eye exam?

No. These contact lens-related tests are done in addition to your yearly eye health examination. These are procedures that only need to be done for existing and new contact lens wearers. A contact lens prescription is valid for one year and needs to be updated yearly in order to maintain corneal health.

Doesn’t my insurance cover contact lens professional fees?

It depends on your insurance plan’s coverage. Most insurance plans cover a routine eye exam, which determines your glasses prescription and evaluates your eye health. Contact lenses services are separate procedures that often are not covered by insurance.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the type of fitting and lenses you need, the evaluation begins at $70.00 and can be as much as $150.00. The fee for contact lenses is separate. Our staff will help you determine which of our ordering methods are the most cost effective and convenient for you.