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Patient FAQs

Our Eye Doctors Answer Your Eyecare Questions:

Q. What are cataracts and how can they be treated?

A. A cataract is any opacity in the lens of the eye and that opacity can effect your ability to be able to see clearly. They’re typically treated when they get to a point where they start to impact somebody’s vision so that they don’t see clearly and they’re treated by removing them and putting in an implant lens in their eye.

Q. Can I wear contacts when I’m swimming?

A. In most cases I do not recommend wearing contact lenses when you are swimming in the pool. The only situations that I recommend that are people that are extremely near sighted that can not see otherwise and I recommend in those cases that they use disposable contacts so that they can be thrown away after the individual is finished swimming.

Q. Can kids wear contact lenses?

A. Yes, we fit children here of all ages. What we like to do is to evaluate the child to see what type of contact lens would be best for their eyes and vision. We like to communicate with the parents to have a discussion on the responsibility that’s required to properly take care of contacts and to avoid any potential negative side effects that can come if you are not properly hygienic with the contact lenses.