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Pharmaceutical grade Omega-3 (PNR Supplements for Dry Eye)

Woman Tired Blue Eyes with Dry Eye Syndrome at Richboro

Did you know that dry eyes can be naturally treated?

Omega-3s are widely used in the eye care industry to treat dry eyes. Not only backed by years of research and clinically proven to work, but they are safe for children, adults, and seniors who experience any level of dry eye symptoms.

Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals (PRN) sell Dry Eye Omega Benefits, a dietary supplement of fish oils. Instead of eating salmon, these fish oils are less demanding on your diet (and taste) and can drastically improve your dry eye symptoms.

In addition, PRN’s Omega-3 supplements are easier to digest than over the counter supplements! Not every supplement carries the level of quality and standard as PRN’s Omega-3s, and they also do not come with a fishy aftertaste.

How fast do they work?

Improvements start after 2-3 months as they need time to adjust to your body before you notice any external improvements with your tear production or reduction of dry eye symptoms.