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Assisted Living & Nursing Homes

Providing the Highest Quality Care
Eye Associates of Richboro is a dedicated and compassionate staff of Optometrists and Opticians providing residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities with quality eyecare.

What makes Eye Associates of Richboro so unique is that we bring the doctor’s office to the patients.

Experienced Staff
Our professional staff takes great pride in ensuring that residents receive the highest quality eye care available. If a resident requires additional consulting or surgery, we will notify their family and provide the appropriate referral.

Insurance Coverage
Eye Associates of Richboro participates with Medicare, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Medicaid and most private insurances. Medicare generally covers the procedures at 80% of the approved amount after the yearly amount after the yearly deductible is met. The 20% co-insurance will be billed to any applicable supplemental policy or to the account responsible if no other coverage exists. Medicaid will cover a full examination and new or replacement eyeglasses providing certain criteria are met.

Comprehensive Testing
Each resident who has consent to be enrolled in the eyecare program will receive a comprehensive eye health study with glaucoma, cataracts, retinal diseases, diabetes related problems , and any other ocular related conditions and a full refraction for their eyeglass prescription.

Eyeglass Rescue
Eyeglass Rescue’s special Long-Term Care Facility product enables you to identify and return misplaced eyeglasses to the patient that owns them. It is a simple solution that effectively eliminates residents inconvenience, staff time and expense needed for the replacement for lost eyewear.